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27 Jun 2017
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A Computer Desk Can be a Blessing or a Curse


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Posted By Darin G.

Here I am sitting in a nice leather chair next to my trusty computer desk. Chances are, you are sitting next to a desk too. We all seem to spend large amounts of time sitting next to desks. It's just a fact of modern living. Obvious benefits are derived from having a computer desk. We are able to do work quickly and efficiently. We are able to entertain ourselves, and it gives us a personal space to call our own. But there are some cautions that any discussion about desks, and how we use them, should include. Depending on how we respond to those issues, we can identify if our computer desk is blessing or cursing our lives.

Since a computer desk gives us a convenient place to work and entertain ourselves with games, the internet, and other computer related activities, it is essential that we maintain a healthy perspective about both what we do there, and how long we do it. One of the real challenges that we all face is learning to manage the time we spend at our desks. Like in almost every other area of life, too much of something can be detrimental to us. For those who enjoy gaming or internet use there is the very real possibility of developing an addiction. There is nothing inherently wrong about those activities. However, when taken to extremes they can actually end up doing more harm than good. Most people who consider this discover that if they keep a good perspective, they can spend enough time on the computer without overdoing it. For those who don't, becoming a slave to a game or other online experience can be quite negative.

Another concern that most parents (and employers) have is the actual content that people consume while perched at their computer desk. If you are looking at and participating emotionally and/or physically with content that is compelling, to the point of not wanting to go without it, you run the risk of becoming attached to those things in unhealthy ways. I'm no psychologist, but I would venture to say that anytime the content in our life becomes all encompassing or hard to walk away from, that is not a good thing for us. Whether it is online gambling, pornography, online gaming, or simply day dreaming of far away places, if we immerse ourselves too much in those sorts of things while at our computer desk we can quickly become addicted. The reason this is bad is that the other areas of our life, like relationships with real people, quiet reflection time alone etc., tends to suffer as a result.

Do you think your spouse or kids yearn to spend time talking with you? Do you think they would fall over in complete shock if you walked away from your computer desk and asked them to play a board game? Does your back and neck hurt from too much time at the computer? These and many other questions could be asked to probe into the level of addiction you may or may not have.

Take responsibility for the time you spend at your computer desk, and think about what sorts of activities you participate in while there. Keep a healthy balance and your desk will be a blessing in your life. Leave the curses and addiction to someone else.

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By Sheri M. on JUL 1 2017 @ 8:05AM

The actual computer that you have makes a big difference too. For example if you have one that is integrated into the screen, it takes up a lot less space.

By Steve B. on JUN 30 2017 @ 7:16AM

Just got one from IKEA that's pretty good.

By Gordon R. on JUN 29 2017 @ 2:13PM

I can never decide if I like the ones with keyboard trays. I mean they're nice, but then I find that I'm just too far away from the rest of the desk when I use them.

By Kristopher H. on JUN 28 2017 @ 8:08AM

I just use my laptop on the dining table, and shelf it when I'm done. No need for a desktop for me.

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